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Current News as of 1 July  2016

All of Jenny's Puppies are been selected by the families on the waiting list.
We will Start the Process of Going Down the Waiting List On 22 June 2016
For Harley and Ace's Litter and
Zipporah and Mose's Litter.

 Penny and Deisel's Puppies have Arrived!!!
They were born on 18 May 2016
6 Boys and 1 Girl
Harley and and Ace's Puppies Have Arrived!!!
They Were Born 23 May 2016
4 Boys 2 Girls
Mose's and Zipporah  Puppies Have Arrived!!!
They Were Born 26 May 2016
3 Boys 7 Girls

Deisel and Kenya of Carrolton also have Successfully Bred and should be expecting Puppies around the week of  6th July 2016!!!

Please call if you are interested in adding one of our Boxer Puppies to Your Family.
( 940-841-2754 )
  Available Puppies
Click on Pictures for Larger Image

 Penny and Deisel's Puppies Have Arrived!!!
Born on 18 May 2016
 6 Big  Boys & 1 Beautiful Girl
Penny and Deisel's Puppies
1 Day  Old
Male # 1      SOLD       Tank         Castaic, CA               
4 Weeks  Old
      Male # 2      SOLD       Boomer          San Antonio, TX               
4 Weeks  Old
Male # 3      SOLD        Tres           Dover, MA                
4 Weeks  Old
      Male # 4      SOLD       Toby               Oak Lawn, IL              
4 Weeks  Old
Male # 5       SOLD       Maximus              Missouri City, TX
4 Weeks  Old
      Male # 6      SOLD       Prince Ali          Webster, TX               
4 Weeks  Old
      Female # 1      SOLD       Lena          Hammond, LA              
4 Weeks  Old

 Harley and Ace's Puppies Have Arrived!!!
Born on 23 May 2016
 4 Big  Boys & 2 Beautiful Girls
Harley  and Ace's Puppies
1 Day  Old
      Male # 1      SOLD       Cash          Albuquergue, NM           
4 Weeks  Old
Male # 2          SOLD        Brute                Burleson, TX          
4 Weeks  Old
Male # 3          SOLD           Corvis           Tulsa,   OK,          
4 Weeks  Old
Male # 4          SOLD        Bruno               Dallas, TX          
4 Weeks  Old
      Female # 1      SOLD        Sassy            Vancouver WA          
4 Weeks  Old
      Female # 2      SOLD        Lala          Livingston, TX          
4 Weeks  Old
Mose and Zipporah's Puppies Have Arrived!!!
Born on 26th May 2016
 3  Boys & 7 Beautiful Girls
Pictures of Zipporah at Different Ages
Pictures of Moses at Different Ages
Pictures of Moses Zipporah & Biscuit
Pictures of Moses and Zipporah Puppies 3 days Old
  Male # 1      SOLD         Max         Richmond, TX
4 Weeks  Old
  Male # 2           SOLD        Bear        Richmond, TX  
4 Weeks  Old
Male # 3          SOLD        Odin               Altadena, Ca          
2 Weeks  Old
4 Weeks  Old
  Female # 1              SOLD              
2 Weeks  Old
4 Weeks  Old
  Female # 2                             Available
2 Weeks  Old
4 Weeks  Old
  Female # 3                             Available
2 Weeks  Old
4 Weeks  Old
  Female # 4              SOLD               Available
2 Weeks  Old
4 Weeks  Old
  Female # 5                             Available
2 Weeks  Old
4 Weeks  Old
         Female # 6        SOLD                                                
4 Weeks  Old
  Female # 7        SOLD          Lanie               Richmond,TX     
4 Weeks  Old

When our Females go in heat and are bred we will post

it on this litters page when we have a approximate welping Date. 

 God is Good and He will Provide
 Philippians 4:19,  And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory
 in Christ Jesus.

If You are on our Waiting List Please Send an E-mail to Us with your Address and Contact Phone Numbers in Order to Verify and Update any Changes we need to make to Our Waiting List.

A deposit of $300.00 is required at time of reservation to be added to the Waiting list.  This money will apply to the sale price. The deposit is not refundable.  Our Boxers are sold to the families on our waiting list before they are available to the Public.   If a puppy of your liking is not available to you from a  litter you were waiting on your deposit can be used for future litters. You will move up on the list as families ahead of you pick a puppy. Our Boxers range in Price from $1800.00 to $2000.00.  We use United Airlines to send puppies to their new Homes. They have the Pet Safe Program an Award Winning Program that keeps your Pet in a Climate Controlled Environment .    Shipping cost is $350.00

The PetSafe program has the following features:

  • Pets travel within United's specially designed plane compartments that are pressurized in the same way as passenger cabins.
  • A dedicated 24-hour PetSafe desk is available for help at any time
  • (1-800-575-3335 or 1-832-235-1541).
  • Each pet receives a confirmed booking prior to departure.
  • You have the ability to track your pet's transport  from its origin to its destination online.
  • On the ground, both plane and warehouse facilities are climate-controlled for the safety of your pet. To ensure comfort in any weather conditions, pets will be the last cargo loaded and the first cargo unloaded from the plane.
  • Pets receive personal handling in climate-controlled vehicles for connections in United's hubs if the animal will be exposed to temperatures greater than 85F (29.5C) for more than 45 minutes.

The Families on the waiting list will get first pick.  Please call if you would like to be added to our waiting list. Our Black Males and Females are normally All Sold by the time we go through our waiting list. The sooner you add your family to our waiting list the sooner you will get the puppy of your choice in the future.

 Please call or E mail to find out more.


(940) 841-2754 Ron's Cell Phone


Lord Willing 

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